Know Yourself | Interactive Installation

Know Yourself is an interactive installation that explores the inner dimension of human experience, the active doorway connecting our daily, often mundane, experiences to the unfolding nature of imaginal realms, from where we receive knowledge and light moment by moment. The installation creates an immersive environment that uses light, sound, multiple layers of video, live camera feed, projection and custom-software (MAX MSP Jitter). The footage used is of varying length and they merge and dissolve into one another, while incorporating the presence and movement of spectators into the piece, creating a continually unique experience. At the heart of the installation is footage of the ecstatic chanting of Sufi dervishes, in the ceremony of remembrance, a communal practice that in itself is a mystical journey into the heart, towards knowing oneself, perhaps unveiling to us the essential ‘face we had before we were born’. Mustafa Farhad created Know Yourself as a tribute to the Sufi Master Muzaffer Ozak whose presence and light permeates the piece.